By Romania Camino pilgrim guide introduction

Dear Pilgrim,

I am very glad you are reading these words. It probably means that you started your journey, or at least you plan to start your journey on St. Jacob’s Way, here, in Romania. I would like to congratulate you on your choice and I promise I will be by your side at every step, with advice and ideas, to make this journey unforgettable. 

This guide will describe every stage of the trip through Apuseni Mountains. The trip will start at Aiud, Alba County. It will cross the mountains along Aries Valley, following the river upstream all the way to its source, in Arieseni. There will be some small side-trips to historical locations, which may remind you of Western European towns. From Arieseni we will cross to the other side of the mountains to Chiscau, the site of the famous Bear’s Cave. We will continue to Beius and Baile Felix, a resort where you could have some rest and enjoy the thermal springs (???). This will help replenish your energy to continue towards the beautiful city of Oradea and further, crossing the border into Hungary.

The good news is that keeping in touch with friends and loved ones is easy. As soon as you arrive in Romania, in the first town you could buy a prepaid SIM card for your cell phone. At present, for 5 euros you can get unlimited calls within the network (very useful to make lodging reservations), 1000 minutes anywhere in Romania (???) (+ international calls and SMS) and 5 GB of data. 

You will enjoy an itinerary full of history and the views are uniquely beautiful. You will pass through mountain villages where the welcoming locals will offer you traditional food, with a rich flavour which can only be found here.

Be warned, this path through Apuseni and Tara Motilor is not a very easy one. You are expected to be in pretty good physical shape and also to wear adequate boots. Walking in sandals is not an option, the way it is done in Spain or Portugal. In choosing the itinerary, I tried my best so the harder mountain stretches alternate with easier ones, on the road, which are just as beautiful. This way you won’t be tempted to give up because of fatigue and miss this wonderful project.

At times, you will have to buy two days worth of food and also to carry extra water. My advice would be to carry as little personal belongings as possible so your backpack would not be excessively heavy.

Camino through Apuseni Mountains will be a real adventure, so I wish you „Buen Camino!”. Have a wonderful journey and enjoy everything the Universe will send your way, in order to help you become a better version of yourself, in this life.

I will describe here all the stages of the trip, with all the necessary information. Stay tuned!

Manuela Sanda Bacaoanu

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